St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Mysteries




St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon! For those of you that focus your reading on holiday/cultural themed books, the list below features Irish writers and/or novels set in Ireland. Some are modern classics, some are newbies, but all are entertaining reads. You’re sure to find a title in the list of 26 Irish Mysteries that you will want to read again and again.


  • Lisa Alber: “Whispers in the Mist”
  • S. Furlong-Bollinger: “Paddy Whacked”
  • Sheila Connelly: "Buried in a Bog"
  • Carlene O'Connor: "Murder in an Irish Village"


  • Kathi Daley: “Shamrock Shenanigans”
  • Frank Delaney: "Shannon"
  • Nelson Demille: “Cathedral”
  • Andrew Greeley: “Irish Tweed”


  • Jane Haddam: “A Great Day for the Deadly”
  • Lyn Hamilton: “The Celtic Riddle”
  • Lee Harris: “The St. Patrick's Day Murder”
  • Erin Hart: “Haunted Ground”  review here
  • Jonathan Harrington: “A Great Day for Dying”
  • Mary Anne Kelly: "Twillyweed"


  • Amanda Lee: “The Long Stitch Good Night”
  • Wendi Lee: “The Good Daughter”
  • Dan Mahoney: “Once in, Never Out”
  • Leslie Meier: “St. Patrick's Day Murder”
  • Ralph M. McInerny: “Lack of the Irish”


  • Stuart Neville: "Ghosts of Belfast”
  • Sister Carol Anne O’Marie: “Death Takes Up A Collection”
  • Helen Page: "Equal of God"
  • Janet Elaine Smith: “In St. Patrick's Custody”


  • JJ Toner: “St. Patrick's Day Special”
  • Peter Tremayne: “The Devil’s Seal”
  • Kathy Hogan Trochek: “Irish Eyes”


If your favorite Irish Mysteries are not on the list, let me know and I’ll add them!

Happy choosing and reading!  🙂