Top 10: The First Four Years of Nightstand Book Reviews


Book Cover - Cold Dish

The first four years of Nightstand Book Reviews delivered a wide range of books to my doorstep and to my email inbox. Right from the beginning, I have received more than 100 requests a month (once over 400) from writers and publicists and friends of writers and publicists to review the latest book they had to offer.


It has been a fun problem to have. The strategy was (and remains) to choose great reads to chat about and share with the thousands of Nightstand Book Reviews followers around the world. The books on the site are by and large fiction, and tell a well-plotted story involving nicely developed characters. The authors are a mix of bestselling writers of longstanding, and newbies to the field when I first met them. Traditionally published or ebook only? Both happily co-exist on NBR. Occasionally I highlight biographies, great cookbooks, and helpful gardening books. A new feature in 2016 was Author Profiles. You’ll see more of those in 2017.


Below is the list of Top 10 books reviewed on Nightstand Book Reviews over the last four years, listed in ABC order by author. These were the books that garnered the most interest on NBR from the worldwide audience during the four years. Six books on the list were the debut novels from those authors. Some powerhouse writers (long, successful careers with great popularity) mixed in with newbies? A good book is a good book.


All of these authors now have multiple books out. Click on the book title to read the review.


Lee Child – “The Killing Floor”


Robert Dugoni – “My Sister’s Grave”


Robert Dugoni – “The Conviction”


Sherry Harris – “Tagged for Death”


Sue Harrison – “Mother Earth, Father Sky”


Erin Hart – “Haunted Ground”


Tami Hoag – “Alibi Man”


Craig Johnson – “The Cold Dish”


Leigh Perry – “A Skeleton in the Family”


Andy Weir – “The Martian”



Have you read any of the titles on the list? Wildly different books to be sure, with thrillers, sci-fi, traditional mysteries, and cozies in the group. 


And soooo much fun to read.  🙂


Thank you all, kind readers, for being part of the Nightstand Book Reviews community during the first four years. Your comments and participation make me smile as I search for the next great read to share with you.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10: The First Four Years of Nightstand Book Reviews”

    1. You’re so very welcome! Your series has been so much fun and I’m delighted that the readers have continued to follow it and read the latest info I am able to share.  🙂

  1. Many congrats on 4 years of Nightstand. Thanks also for my wondeful book, Too Bad to Die by Francine Matthews. Really looking forward to reading it. Happy 2017 everyone.

    1. Thanks so much, Jane, and warm hugs for being with us almost from the beginning. Big waves across the pond.  🙂

  2. Wow Patti!! Thank you so much! I'm honored to be included, and I'm honored that you reviewed Mother Earth Father Sky! Happy New Year to you and your family. Many Blessings!!!

    1. I loved your book and it was obvious that the readership agreed. Congratulations on writing a beautifully researched, wonderful series! Looking forward to seeing what comes next.  🙂

  3. It is great to see a variety of excellent books honored. The focus or recognition is usually so narrow! 

    1. Jeanie, it’s been a continual delight to see the wide reading interest that the NBR community displays. When you get a chance, check out the subscriber recommendations over in the Reader Reviews section. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by.  🙂

    1. Agreed! The NBR community is wonderfully diverse in its reading interests and the Top Ten for the four years are great reads.  🙂

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