“Triple Witch” by Sarah Graves


Book Cover - Triple Witch

“Triple Witch” is the second book in Sarah Graves’ ‘Home Repair is Homicide’ series.


Jacobia (Jake) Tiptree is out for a walk on the beach on an island in Maine with her best pal and sometime employee, Ellie, and they happen upon a dead man. Yup, very dead with a bullet hole in his forehead. And the dead guy just happens to be Ellie’s former boyfriend, a local small-time crook, Kenny Mumford. It seems that one body isn’t enough as a crime spree breaks out, pointing to Kenny at its center. But what is the motive?


Soon, Jake’s island becomes a bit too crowded when a disgruntled ex-con former millionaire shows up, making her nervous since his incarceration was due in large part to her investigations while she was living a high-powered financier’s life on Wall Street. She ruined his life and he wasn’t happy about it. But, he was not supposed to know where she now lived. Will her past endanger her present life?


Add in a talented, but dyslexic teenage son, a hunky caring boyfriend, an ex-husband who follows her to the island in search of redemption and Jacobia’s life takes center stage, never mind the murder(s). Juggling the men and crime investigations means that repairs to her dilapidated coastal Maine house have to wait. But, the town must have a ‘thumbs up’ review in order to keep the tourists coming from the mainland. A promise to do her part with a much-needed shutter overhaul (the house looks bald without them) might do Jacobia in. Mix it all together and you’ve got the ingredients for serious fun in Eastport in “Triple Witch.”


Graves has created interesting, well-developed core characters for her series and the ones who frequent the edges as the plots unfold are always quirky – worthy of murderous intent and Jake’s scrutiny. Her writing/plotting is smart, with dialogue that rings true and internal homicidal thoughts about the obnoxious ex that are soooooo funny. She restrains herself for her son’s sake, but barely.


In each of the sixteen books in the series, we get instruction in how to recondition/repair plumbing or other essential pieces of the dwelling. In “Triple Witch,” we learn about shutters, and porch railings and how to repair a drainpipe with finesse – real information a DIYer can use. Since Graves herself lives in an old, renovated Maine house with her musician husband and a Labrador named Evelyn, we can safely assume that the remodeling details are based on actual experience.


Entertaining summer read with lots of wonderful descriptions of coastal Maine life.


Please visit www.sarahgraves.net for information about all of the books in this great series as well as scenic photos of Eastport, Maine.




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