Drawings for a free book are conducted from the email list of readers who have subscribed to Nightstand Book Reviews. I use to choose the winners. An opportunity to win two free books is awarded to NBR readers that are subscribed to (or leave a comment at) as well. Winners choose their book(s) from a list of popular titles.

Winners are notified by email and their names are posted here after they choose their books.



December: Virginia Park, TX, USA  &  Lorraine Jennings, England


January:  K. Wharton, Texas, USA;  B. Church, NJ, USA;  R. Bressler, FL, USA;  D.B. Schlosser, WA, USA;  D. J. Febry, England.

February:  D. Christmann, NJ, USA;  K. Best, Texas, USA;  W. Washington, NC, USA.

March:  A. Tyszka, NJ, USA;  M. Selser, Florida, USA; M. Pignalberi, Alaska; T. Amon, MA, USA.

April:  Ed Melvin, Texas, USA; Ann Galante, NJ, USA; Hope Clark, South Carolina, USA.

May:  Joan Tunbidge, NJ, USA; Pat Bee, Connecticut, USA; Sandra Smith, England.

June: J. Reynolds, TX, USA; N. Fischer, NC, USA; M. Phillips, NC, USA; J. Mapson, New Mexico, USA.

July: K. Schmelz, NJ, USA; M. Lilley, IN, USA; N. Moskalski, Delaware, USA; J. Lewis, Florida, USA.

August: S. Davis, NJ, USA; C. Frankenberry, WA, USA; E. Maxwell, MA, USA; M. Nance, NC, USA.

September: Susan Sitze, NC, USA; Terri Gault, TX, USA; Capri Smith, Virginia, USA.

October: N. Peacock, NC, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA; R. Weston, Idaho, USA; T. Honea, SC, USA; L. Lapin, NJ, USA.

November: Mary Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA.

December: Cynthia St-Pierre, Ontario, Canada; Connie Fleming, NJ, USA; Judy Albolino, NJ, USA.



January: T. DeLuca, NC, USA; D. Krueger, NJ, USA; J. Whatley, TX, USA.

February: B. Gribble, TX, USA; V. Park, TX, USA; B. Callender, TX, USA; S. Bewley, FL, USA.

March: B. Church, NJ, USA; C. Price, PA, USA; anonymous.

April: Nora-Adrienne Deret, Brooklyn, NY, USA; John W. Tucker, Colorado, USA.

May: Barbara Rosario, NJ, USA; Roz Bressler, Florida, USA; V.C. Arran; Anne Herrington, Texas, USA.

June: K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; A.C. Burke, California, USA; N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA.

July: Paige Bennett, Maryland, USA; Diane Kopec, North Carolina, USA; Kaye Killgore, Oregon, USA.

August: Candi McKee, Texas, USA; Linda Johnson, North Carolina, USA; Kaycie Taylor, Slovakia; Jenny Turner, Texas, USA.

September: Stacy Allen, Georgia, USA; Peggy Alford, USA; Pat Sparks, West Virginia, USA.

October: Liz Mugavero, Connecticut, USA; Nik Morton, Spain; Kerry Goold, North Carolina, USA.

November:  J. Shrensky, Israel; N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA; J. Keil, North Carolina, USA.

December: R. Cambell, England; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA; Lynn Chandler Willis, North Carolina, USA.



January: S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA; E. Trupkiewicz, Colorado, USA; B. Stewart, Scotland.

February: C. Sample, California, USA; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA; J. Midler, California, USA; J. Walters, New York, USA.

March: L. Jennings, England;  K. Bailey, Virginia, USA.

April: K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA; S. Jordan, USA.

May: J. Risdon, England; C. Johnson, Texas, USA.

June:  J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA; S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA; S. Furlong, Illinois, USA; K. Best, Oklahoma, USA.

July: K. Coggins, South Carolina, USA; A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA; M. Nance, North Carolina, USA; Tom Honea, South Carolina, USA; B. Wowak, New York, USA; C. St-Pierre, Ontario, Canada.

August: Lin Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA.

September: Diana Febry, England; Anne B. Cole, Indiana, USA; Rebecca Neely, Pennsylvania, USA.

October: Kathy Waller, Texas, USA; Jean Lewis; Bob Patterson, North Carolina, USA.

November:  John Hazen, New Jersey, USA; Edith Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA; Mary Pignalberi, Alaska; Barbara Slack, NJ, USA.

December: C. Hope Clark, South Carolina, USA; S. Davis, NJ, USA; D. Christmann, NJ, USA.



January: R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USAR. Coxon, Ohio, USAA. Burke, California, USA; R. Cambell, England.

February: KT Roberts, Arizona, USA; Mike Pettit, Florida, USA.

March: P. Bee, Connecticut, USA; Joan Tunbridge, New Jersey, USA; Rhonda Keith, Ohio, USA; Kathy Wagoner, New Mexico, USA.

April: B. Smith, Arizona, USAD. Parker, Texas, USA;  C. Frankenberry, Washington, USA; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA.

May:  J. Skutelsky, California, USAIrwin Moss, USA.

June: Mathiya Adams; O. Ellis, Florida, USA; W. Washington, North Carolina, USA.

July: C. Sloan, South Carolina, USA; K. Chandler, Tennessee, USA;  J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; P. Hamilton, Texas, USA.

August:  N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; T. Amon, Florida, USA; S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; S. Allen, Georgia, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA.

September:  J. Albolino, New Jersey, USA; Tom Moore.

October: Kerry Goold, North Carolina, USA; Nancy G. West, Texas, USA; B. Rosario, New Jersey, USA.

November: B. Halton, England; M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; L. Lapin, New Jersey, USA.

December: C. Smith, Virginia, USA; Judy Penz Sheluk, Canada; J. Albolino, NJ, USA; B. Hedges-Slack, NJ, USA; J. Risdon, England.



January: L. Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA; R. Neely, Pennsylvania, USA; M. Barnes, Indiana, USA; K. Waller, Texas, USA.

February: N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA; L. Mugavero, Connecticut, USA; K. Killgore, Oregon, USA; L. Johnson, North Carolina, USA; Jon & Lee Ann Whatley, Texas, USA.

March: Janet Reynolds, Texas, USA; Jo-Ann Mapson, New Mexico, USA; Connie Fleming, New Jersey, USA.

April: Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA; B. Gribble, Texas, USA; E. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA.

May: N. Deret, NY, USA; M. Ball; N. Vannucci, Texas, USA.

June: N. Fischer, North Carolina, USA; C. Gordon-Bishop, Pennsylvania, USA; L. Chandler Willis, North Carolina, USA; L. Ockinga, Arizona, USA; K. Wharton Rosenberger, TX, USA.

July: A. Galante, New Jersey, USA.

August: A. Herrington, Texas, USA; D. Fowler, Ohio; B. Goffman, Virginia, USA.

September: Nik Morton, Spain; Bonnie Drummond, Maryland, USA; Cate Price; J. Ward, Illinois, USA.

October: A. Brown, North Carolina, USA; S. Bewley, Florida, USA; R. Bressler, Florida, USA.

November: D. Krueger, New Jersey, USA; J. T. Henson, Texas, USA.

December: V. Park, Texas, USA.



January: J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; W. Washington, North Carolina, USA; B. Church, New Jersey, USA; C. St-Pierre, Ontario, Canada; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA; P. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA.

February: R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USA; R. Keith; Tom Honea, South Carolina, USA.

March: C. Johnson, Texas, USA; B. Wowak, New York, USA; S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA; B. Stewart, Scotland.

April: J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA.

May: J. Hazen, Florida, USA;  R. Patterson, North Carolina, USA.

June: S. Davis, New Jersey, USA; D. Christmann, New Jersey, USA; S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA.

July: A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA; J. Shrensky, Israel.

August: J. Lewis, Florida, USA; Kate Moretti, Pennsylvania, USA; Susan Furlong, Illinois, USA.

September: K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA; Edith Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA.

October: H. Clark, South Carolina, USA; L. Jennings, England; B. Smith, Arizona, USA.

November: S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; G. Dellin, Oklahoma, USA; P. Hamilton, Texas, USAJ. Skutelsky, California, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA; O. Ellis, Florida, USA.

December: C. Smith, Virginia, USA; K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; J. Ranuio, Oregon, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; T. Gault, Texas, USA; D. Parker, Texas, USA; L. Chavis, Mississippi, USA; J. Risdon, England; J. Skipworth, Texas, USA; B. Slack, New Jersey, USA; C. Kinest, Arizona, USA; K. Marks, Michigan, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA.


February: A. Burke, California, USA; B. Fishback, North Carolina, USA.

March: C. Maiorisi, New York City, USA; B. Mason, Connecticut, USA; M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; L. Conway, Ohio, USA.

April: N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; P. Bee, Connecticut, USA; anonymous; C. Maiorisi, NYC, USA; J. Messinger, New York, USA.

May 5 – J. Beeman, Maryland, USA: Barbara Ross' "Musseled Out."

May 8 – T. Amon, Florida, USA: Ruth Ware's "The Woman in Cabin 10" & Mitchell Zuckhoff's "13 Hours in Benghazi"

May 9 – M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA: Linda Fairstein's "Deadfall."

May 14 – S. Eller, North Carolina, USA: Barbara Delinsky's "Blueprints."


June 1 – J. Hinton, Missouri, USA: James Lee Burke's "The Jealous Kind."

June 7 – T. Hann, Ohio, USA: Edith Maxwell's "Mulch Ado About Murder."

June 13 – B. Halton, England: Elin Hilderbrand's "Winter Stroll" & Rysa Walker's "The Delphi Effect."

June 22 – B. Showalter, Ohio, USA: Debbie Macomber's "A Girl's Guide to Moving On."

June 23 – G. Miller, Texas, USA:  Janet Evanovich's "Twelve Sharp."


July 2 – M. Pignalberi, Alaska, USA: Janet Evanovich's "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" & Patrick Lee's "The Breach."

July 7 – C. Lawman, Iowa, USA: Michael & Kathleen Gear's  “Moon Hunt.”

July 14 – L. McLendon, Alabama, USA: Louise Penny's “Glass Houses” & Nicholas Sparks'  “The Longest Ride.”

July 24 – L. Leonard, Kentucky, USA: Louise Penny's "The Nature of the Beast."


August 8 – A. Acosta, Brooklyn, USA: Ted Dekker/Tosca Lee "Sovereign."

August 21 – K. Barnett, Minnesota, USA:  Cheryl Hollon's "Etched in Tears."

August 24 – S. English, Michigan, USA:  J.A. Jance  "Duel to the Death."

August 24 – T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA:  Sherry Harris' "Tagged for Death" & Louise Penny's "The Nature of the Beast."


September 4 – J. Kitchel, California, USA:  Dan Brown's "Origin."

September 8 – N. West, Texas, USA: Nelson DeMille's "The Lion" & Danielle Steel's "The Right Time."

September 14 – A. Brown, North Carolina, USA:  Maddie Day's "Strangled Eggs and Ham" & Sheyna Galyan's "Strength to Stand."

September 16 –  M. Yelton, Minnesota, USA: Adrian McKinty's  “The Chain.”

September 23 – L. Osika, Illinois, USA: Linda Castillo's  “Shamed.”


October 1 – M. Blue, Texas, USA: Neil Gaiman's "Norse Mythology" & James Patterson's "Juror #3"

November 19 – M. Matte, Canada: Linda Castillo's "Down a Dark Road" & Parker Palmer's "On the Brink of Everything."

November 25 – M. Wurth, Kentucky, USA: Joanne Fluke's "Christmas Cake Murder."

November 26 – T. Lee, Georgia, USA: Debbie Macomber's "If Not for You."


December 1 – E. Byron, California, USA: Cate Conte's "Purrder She Wrote."

December 4 – D. Ivester, Florida, USA: Louise Penny's "Kingdom of the Blind."

December 5 – E. Davis, North Carolina, USA: Chris Kyle's "American Sniper."

December 11 – M. Conner, Oklahoma, USA: Alice Loweecy's "Nun but the Brave" & Edith Maxwell's "Farmed and Dangerous."

























































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One Response to Winners

  • Jane Risdon says:

    Pattie, thanks so much for picking me as a winner.  My two books arrived today and I am thrilled with them.  I love Karin Slaughter's writing and so I am so excited to receive Cop Town.  Not read this yet so it si going to be a pleasure to savour.  Also a new author for me, Alex Barclay, and her book Harm's reach.  I am really looking forward to reading this.  I love anything Crime related.  Your pages are so helpful to me in so many ways, although most of my crime writing and research is UK based (but not all) the basics are similar and always worth consulting you first.  Thanks once again, let me know if I can do anything in return.  Much appreciated.  🙂 xx  Jane