Drawings for a free book are conducted from the email list of readers who have subscribed to Nightstand Book Reviews. I use to choose the winners. An opportunity to win two free books is awarded to NBR readers that are subscribed to as well. Winners choose their book(s) from a list of popular titles.

Winners are notified by email and their names are posted here after they choose their books.


Grace Topping
, Virginia, USA: Maddie Day’s “When the Grits Hit the Fan.”

Scott Graham, Colorado, USA: B.A. Shapiro’s “The Collector’s Apprentice” & Rick Yancey’s “The 5th Wave.”

Judy Penz Sheluk
, Canada: Peter May’s “The Black House” & B.A. Paris’ “The Breakdown.”
C. Amelianovich, Illinois, USA: Barbara Ross’ “Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody” & Amor Towles’ “A Gentleman in Moscow.”
J. Ward, Illinois, USA: Peter May’s “The Lewis Man.”
Laurie Loewenstein, Maryland, USA: Sheila Connolly’s “Murder at the Mansion” & John Sandford’s “Escape Clause.”

E. Lepionka
, Ohio, USA: Tess Gerritsen’s “I Know A Secret.”
A. Galante, New Jersey, USA: M.C. Beaton’s “Pushing Up Daisies” & Holly Chamberlin’s “Summer Friends.”

E. Melvin
, Oklahoma, USA: M.J.Rose’s, “The Hypnotist” & Nolan Ryan’s “The Nolan Ryan Beef and BBQ Cookbook.”
L. Mugavero, Connecticut, USA: Noah Hawley’s “Before the Fall” & Karin Slaughter’s “The Good Daughter.”
K. Salemi, Massachusetts, USA: Barbara Delinsky’s “Sweet Salt Air.”
N. Wissel, USA: Philippa Gregory’s “The Last Tudor.”
Virginia Warneck, Pennsylvania, USA: Fern Michaels’  “Tuesday’s Child.”

Connie Fleming
, New Jersey, USA: Cheryl Hollon’s “Pane and Suffering” & Sherry Harris’ “The Longest Yard Sale.”

Sarah Bewley
, Florida, USA: J.D. Allen’s “19 Souls” & Julia Spencer-Fleming’s “One Was a Solder.”
Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA: Tami Hoag’s “Ashes to Ashes” & Pitticus Lore’s “The Power of Six.”
E. Lawrence, Tennessee, USA: Maddie Day’s “Flipped for Murder.”
Barb Goffman, Virginia, USA: Craig Johnson’s “Depth of Winter.”
Andrea Giglio, New York, USA: M.C. Beaton “The Potted Gardener.”

Pat Sparks, West Virginia, USA: Frederick Backman “Us Against You” and Doug Stanton “Horse Soldiers.”
Kaye Killgore, Oregon, USA: Terri Blackstock “Last Light” and Elin Hilderbrand “The Perfect Couple.”
Kara Vaughn Marks, Michigan, USA: Fiona Barton “The Child” and Paula Hawkins ”Girl on the Train.”
Darryl Fowler, Ohio, USA: Harlan Coben “Don’t Let Go” and Mark Stevens “Melancholy Howl.”
Doris Krueger, New Jersey, USA: Alexander McCall Smith “A Distant View of Everything.”

Bev Wowak, New York, USA: Michael V. Hayden “Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror.”
B. Drummond, Maryland, USA: Lee Hollis “Murder at the PTA,” & Leslie Meier “Invitation Only Murder.”
J. Beeman, Maryland, USA: Annette Dashofy “Circle of Influence,” & Margaret Truman “Murder Inside the Beltway.”
C. Maiorisi, New York City: Alison Weir “Katherine of Aragon.”
E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA: Steve Berry “Malta Exchange,” & Dick/Felix Francis “Even Money.”


Lin Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA: Julie Hyzy “Foreign Eclairs,” & B.A. Paris “Bring Me Back.”
Joan Tunbridge, New Jersey, USA: Nora Roberts “Irish Thoroughbred.”
Jo-Ann Mapson, New Mexico, USA: Fredrik Backman “Us Against You.”

Janet Reynolds, Texas, USA: Theresa Carle-Sanders “Outlander Kitchen” & Debbie Macomber “The Gift of Love.”

February: A. Burke, California, USA; B. Fishback, North Carolina, USA.

March: C. Maiorisi, New York City, USA; B. Mason, Connecticut, USA; M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; L. Conway, Ohio, USA.

April: N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; P. Bee, Connecticut, USA; anonymous; C. Maiorisi, NYC, USA; J. Messinger, New York, USA.

May: J. Beeman, Maryland, USA; T. Amon, Florida, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; S. Eller, North Carolina, USA.

June: J. Hinton, Missouri, USA; T. Hann, Ohio, USA; B. Halton, England; B. Showalter, Ohio, USA; G. Miller, Texas, USA.

July: M. Pignalberi, Alaska, USA: Janet Evanovich’s “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen” & Patrick Lee’s “The Breach”;  C. Lawman, Iowa, USA: Michael & Kathleen Gear’s  “Moon Hunt”;  L. McLendon, Alabama, USA: Louise Penny’s “Glass Houses” & Nicholas Sparks’  “The Longest Ride”;  L. Leonard, Kentucky, USA: Louise Penny’s “The Nature of the Beast.”

August: A. Acosta, Brooklyn, USA: Ted Dekker/Tosca Lee “Sovereign”; K. Barnett, Minnesota, USA: Cheryl Hollon’s “Etched in Tears”;  S. English, Michigan, USA:  J.A. Jance  “Duel to the Death”; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA:  Sherry Harris’ “Tagged for Death” & Louise Penny’s “The Nature of the Beast.”

September: J. Kitchel, California, USA:  Dan Brown’s “Origin”; N. West, Texas, USA: Nelson DeMille’s “The Lion” & Danielle Steel’s “The Right Time”; A. Brown, North Carolina, USA:  Maddie Day’s “Strangled Eggs and Ham” & Sheyna Galyan’s “Strength to Stand”; M. Yelton, Minnesota, USA: Adrian McKinty’s  “The Chain”; L. Osika, Illinois, USA: Linda Castillo’s  “Shamed.”

October:  M. Blue, Texas, USA: Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology” & James Patterson’s “Juror #3.”

November:  M. Matte, Canada: Linda Castillo’s “Down a Dark Road” & Parker Palmer’s “On the Brink of Everything”; M. Wurth, Kentucky, USA: Joanne Fluke’s “Christmas Cake Murder”; T. Lee, Georgia, USA: Debbie Macomber’s “If Not for You.”

December: E. Byron, California, USA: Cate Conte’s “Purrder She Wrote”; D. Ivester, Florida, USA: Louise Penny’s “Kingdom of the Blind”; E. Davis, North Carolina, USA: Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper”; M. Conner, Oklahoma, USA: Alice Loweecy’s “Nun but the Brave” & Edith Maxwell’s “Farmed and Dangerous.”


Virginia Park, TX, USA  &  Lorraine Jennings, England

J. Albolino, NJ, USA; T. Amon, Massachusetts, USA
Pat Bee, CT, USA; K. Best, Texas, USA
R. Bressler, FL, USA; D. Christmann, NJ, USA
Barbara Church, NJ, USA; Hope Clark, SC, USA
S. Davis, NJ, USA; DJ Febry, England
N. Fischer, NC, USA; C. Fleming, NJ, USA
C. Frankenberry, WA, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA
Ann Galante, NJ, USA; T. Gault, TX, USA
Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA; T. Honea, SC, USA
L. Lapin, NJ, USA; J. Lewis, Florida, USA
M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; J. Mapson, New Mexico, USA
E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA; Ed Melvin, TX, USA
M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; M. Nance, NC, USA
N. Peacock, NC, USA; M. Pignalberi, Alaska
M. Phillips, NC, USA; J. Reynolds, TX, USA
DB Schlosser, WA, USA; K. Schmelz, NJ, USA
M. Selser, Florida, USA; Susan Sitze, NC, USA
Capri Smith, Virginia, USA; Sandra Smith, England
C. St-Pierre, Canada; Joan Tunbridge, NJ, USA
A. Tyszka, NJ, USA; W. Washington, NC, USA
R. Weston, Idaho, USA; K. Wharton Rosenberger, Texas, USA

Peggy Alford, USA; Stacy Allen, Georgia, USA
Paige Bennett, Maryland, USA; S. Bewley, FL, USA
Roz Bressler, Florida, USA; A.C. Burke, California, USA
B. Callender, TX, USA; R. Cambell, England
B. Church, NJ, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA
T. DeLuca, NC, USA; Nora-Adrienne Deret, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Kerry Goold, North Carolina, USA; B. Gribble, TX, USA
Anne Herrington, Texas, USA; Linda Johnson, North Carolina, USA
J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; Kaye Killgore, Oregon, USA
Diane Kopec, North Carolina, USA; D. Krueger, NJ, USA
C. McKee, Texas, USA; Nik Morton, Spain
Liz Mugavero, Connecticut, USA; V. Park, TX, USA
C. Price, PA, USA; Barbara Rosario, NJ, USA
J. Shrensky, Israel; N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA
P. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; K. Taylor, Slovakia
John W. Tucker, Colorado, USA; Jenny Turner, Texas, USA
K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; Lynn Chandler Willis, North Carolina, USA
J. Whatley, Texas, USA; N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA 


K. Bailey, Virginia, USA;  K. Best, Oklahoma, USA
L. Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA;  D. Christmann, New Jersey, USA
C. Hope Clark, South Carolina, USA;  A. B. Cole, Indiana, USA
K. Coggins, South Carolina, USA;  S. Davis, New Jersey, USA
T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA;  D. Febry, England
J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA;  S. Furlong, Illinois, USA
J. Hazen, New Jersey, USA;  S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA
T. Honea, South Carolina, USA;  L. Jennings, England
C. Johnson, Texas, USA;  E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA
J. Midler, California, USA;  M. Nance, North Carolina, USA
R. Neely, Pennsylvania, USA; B. Patterson, North Carolina, USA
M. Pignalberi, Alaska;  J. Risdon, England
C. Sample, California, USA;  K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA
S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA;  B. Slack, New Jersey, USA
B. Stewart, Scotland;  C. St-Pierre, Canada
E. Trupkiewicz, Colorado, USA;  A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA
K. Waller, Texas, USA;  J. Walters, New York, USA
B. Wowak, New York, USA

R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USAR. Coxon, Ohio, USAA. Burke, California, USA; R. Cambell, England.

February: KT Roberts, Arizona, USA; Mike Pettit, Florida, USA.

March: P. Bee, Connecticut, USA; Joan Tunbridge, New Jersey, USA; Rhonda Keith, Ohio, USA; Kathy Wagoner, New Mexico, USA.

April: B. Smith, Arizona, USAD. Parker, Texas, USA;  C. Frankenberry, Washington, USA; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA.

May:  J. Skutelsky, California, USAIrwin Moss, USA.

June: Mathiya Adams; O. Ellis, Florida, USA; W. Washington, North Carolina, USA.

July: C. Sloan, South Carolina, USA; K. Chandler, Tennessee, USA;  J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; P. Hamilton, Texas, USA.

August:  N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; T. Amon, Florida, USA; S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; S. Allen, Georgia, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA.

September:  J. Albolino, New Jersey, USA; Tom Moore.

October: Kerry Goold, North Carolina, USA; Nancy G. West, Texas, USA; B. Rosario, New Jersey, USA.

November: B. Halton, England; M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; L. Lapin, New Jersey, USA.

December: C. Smith, Virginia, USA; Judy Penz Sheluk, Canada; J. Albolino, NJ, USA; B. Hedges-Slack, NJ, USA; J. Risdon, England.

L. Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA; R. Neely, Pennsylvania, USA; M. Barnes, Indiana, USA; K. Waller, Texas, USA.

February: N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA; L. Mugavero, Connecticut, USA; K. Killgore, Oregon, USA; L. Johnson, North Carolina, USA; Jon & Lee Ann Whatley, Texas, USA.

March: Janet Reynolds, Texas, USA; Jo-Ann Mapson, New Mexico, USA; Connie Fleming, New Jersey, USA.

April: Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA; B. Gribble, Texas, USA; E. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA.

May: N. Deret, NY, USA; M. Ball; N. Vannucci, Texas, USA.

June: N. Fischer, North Carolina, USA; C. Gordon-Bishop, Pennsylvania, USA; L. Chandler Willis, North Carolina, USA; L. Ockinga, Arizona, USA; K. Wharton Rosenberger, TX, USA.

July: A. Galante, New Jersey, USA.

August: A. Herrington, Texas, USA; D. Fowler, Ohio; B. Goffman, Virginia, USA.

September: Nik Morton, Spain; Bonnie Drummond, Maryland, USA; Cate Price; J. Ward, Illinois, USA.

October: A. Brown, North Carolina, USA; S. Bewley, Florida, USA; R. Bressler, Florida, USA.

November: D. Krueger, New Jersey, USA; J. T. Henson, Texas, USA.

December: V. Park, Texas, USA.



January: J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; W. Washington, North Carolina, USA; B. Church, New Jersey, USA; C. St-Pierre, Ontario, Canada; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA; P. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA.

February: R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USA; R. Keith; Tom Honea, South Carolina, USA.

March: C. Johnson, Texas, USA; B. Wowak, New York, USA; S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA; B. Stewart, Scotland.

April: J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA.

May: J. Hazen, Florida, USA;  R. Patterson, North Carolina, USA.

June: S. Davis, New Jersey, USA; D. Christmann, New Jersey, USA; S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA.

July: A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA; J. Shrensky, Israel.

August: J. Lewis, Florida, USA; Kate Moretti, Pennsylvania, USA; Susan Furlong, Illinois, USA.

September: K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA; Edith Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA.

October: H. Clark, South Carolina, USA; L. Jennings, England; B. Smith, Arizona, USA.

November: S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; G. Dellin, Oklahoma, USA; P. Hamilton, Texas, USAJ. Skutelsky, California, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA; O. Ellis, Florida, USA.

December: C. Smith, Virginia, USA; K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; J. Ranuio, Oregon, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; T. Gault, Texas, USA; D. Parker, Texas, USA; L. Chavis, Mississippi, USA; J. Risdon, England; J. Skipworth, Texas, USA; B. Slack, New Jersey, USA; C. Kinest, Arizona, USA; K. Marks, Michigan, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA.






















































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