For nine years, drawings for a free book were conducted from the email list of readers who subscribed to Nightstand Book Reviews. I used to choose the winners. An opportunity to win two free books was awarded to NBR readers that were subscribed to as well. Winners chose their book(s) from a list of popular titles.

Winners were notified by email and their names were posted here after they chose their books. The last drawing was held at the end of December, 2021. Congratulations to alllll the happy winners.  🙂


La Donna Ockinga, Arizona, USA: Barbara Delinsky’s “Commitments.”
Theda Marin, Connecticut, USA: Lee Hollis’ “Murder at the Bake Sale.”
Tom Moore, Maryland, USA: Michael Crichton’s “Dragon Teeth.”

Kathy Wagoner, New Mexico, USA: Rick Yancey’s “The 5th Wave.”
Taryn Lee, Georgia, USA: Sheila Connolly’s “Murder at the Mansion.”
Rhonda Furstein, USA: donated
Laura Osika, Illinois, USA: Phil Bowie’s “Dagger,” & Sherry Harris’ “Absence of Alice.”
Bee Halton, England: James S.A. Corey’s “Leviathan Wakes.”
Linda Johnson, North Carolina, USA: Karen Kingsbury’s “When We Were Young,” & David Lagercrantz’ “The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye.”

Laurie Lowenstein, Maryland, USA: Richard Paul Evans’ “The Road Home” & John Sandford’s ”Bloody Genius.”
Susan Furlong, Illinois, USA: Nora Roberts’ “Year One” & James Rollins’ “The Last Odyssey.”
Madeleine Matte, Canada: Cara Black’s “3 Hours in Paris” & Darci Hannah’s ”Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop.”
Robin Coxon, Ohio, USA: Cleo Coyle’s “Shot in the Dark” & Shari Randall’s “Curses, Boiled Again.”

Anna Burke,
California, USA: Lea Waite’s “Threads of Evidence.”
Carol Lawman, Iowa, USA: Janet Evanovich’s “Fortune & Glory.”
Antoinette Brown, North Carolina, USA: Joanne Fluke’s “Cinnamon Roll Murder.”
Genell Dellin, Oklahoma, USA: Caroline Leavitt’s “Is This Tomorrow?”
John Hazen, Florida, USA: Richard Paul Evans’  “The Forgotten Road.”

Brenda Mason, Connecticut, USA: Karen McManus “The Cousins”/Alice Walker “The Color Purple.”
Darryl Fowler,  Ohio, USA: Terry Goodkind “Shroud of Eternity.”
Ellen Byron, California, USA: Louise Penny, “A Better Man.”
Jennifer Skutelsky, California, USA: Astrid Scholte, “Four Dead Queens.”

Onisha Ellis,
North Carolina, USA: Debbie Macomber “Winning Hearts.”
Joanie Hinton, Missouri, USA: John Sandford “Dark of the Moon.”
Karen Schmelz, New Jersey, USA: Richard Paul Evans “The Forgotten Road”/Barbara Ross “Steamed Open.”
Margaret Yelton, Minnesota, USA: Nora Roberts “Western Stars.”
Laura McClendon, Alabama, USA: David McCullough “The Pioneers”/James Patterson “1st to Die.”

Pat Bee,
Connecticut, USA: Hope Clark “Palmetto Poison”/Liz Mugavero “Purring Around the Christmas Tree.”
Kathy Waller, Texas, USA: Nancy G. West “The Plunge.”
Liz Mugavero, Connecticut, USA: Terri Blackstock “If I Live”/Robert Galbraith “The Silkworm.”
Kate Moretti, Pennsylvania, USA: Jennifer McVeigh “Leopard at the Door”/Ellis Vidler “Prime Target.”
Ardelle Acosta, New York, USA: Danielle Steel  “The Mistress.”
Jodi Ranuio, Oregon, USA: Jennifer Haigh  “Heat & Light.”

Brooke Showalter, Ohio, USA: “Mary Berry Cookbook.”
KT Roberts, New Jersey, USA: Jake Tapper “The Hellfire Club.”
Anne Da Vigo, California, USA: Rita Mae Brown “Crazy Like A Fox.”
Jeanine Kitchel,  California, USA: Philip Kerr “Prussian Blue.”
Tari Hann, Ohio, USA: Annette Dashofy  “No Way Home”

Doris Krueger, New Jersey, USA: Paula McLain ”Circling the Sun”/Admiral McRaven “Sea Stories.”
Sylvia Nickels, Tennessee, USA: William Forstchen  “48 Hours.”
Barb Goffman, Virginia, USA: Dani Pettrey “Submerged”/Jane Harper “The Survivors.”
Lin Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA: Elizabeth Bunce “Premeditated Myrtle”/Nancy G. West “Fit to be Dead.”
Bonnie Drummond, Maryland, USA: Maria DiRico “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder”/Joanne Fluke “Devil’s Food Cake Murder.”
Sherrie English, Michigan, USA: John Grisham “The Litigators.”
Eileen Lepionka, Ohio, USA: S.A. Cosby “Blacktop Wasteland.”
Virginia Warneck, Pennsylvania, USA: Debbie Macomber  “Jingle All the Way.”
Grace Topping, Virginia, USA: Maddie Day “Candy Slain Murder.”
Jane Beeman, Maryland, USA: Laura Childs “Plum Tea Crazy”/Jake Tapper “Hellfire Club.”




Grace Topping
, Virginia, USA: Maddie Day’s “When the Grits Hit the Fan.”
Scott Graham, Colorado, USA: B.A. Shapiro’s “The Collector’s Apprentice” & Rick Yancey’s “The 5th Wave.”

Judy Penz Sheluk
, Canada: Peter May’s “The Black House” & B.A. Paris’ “The Breakdown.”
C. Amelianovich, Illinois, USA: Barbara Ross’ “Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody” & Amor Towles’ “A Gentleman in Moscow.”
J. Ward, Illinois, USA: Peter May’s “The Lewis Man.”
Laurie Loewenstein, Maryland, USA: Sheila Connolly’s “Murder at the Mansion” & John Sandford’s “Escape Clause.”

E. Lepionka
, Ohio, USA: Tess Gerritsen’s “I Know A Secret.”
A. Galante, New Jersey, USA: M.C. Beaton’s “Pushing Up Daisies” & Holly Chamberlin’s “Summer Friends.”

E. Melvin
, Oklahoma, USA: M.J.Rose’s, “The Hypnotist” & Nolan Ryan’s “The Nolan Ryan Beef and BBQ Cookbook.”
L. Mugavero, Connecticut, USA: Noah Hawley’s “Before the Fall” & Karin Slaughter’s “The Good Daughter.”
K. Salemi, Massachusetts, USA: Barbara Delinsky’s “Sweet Salt Air.”
N. Wissel, USA: Philippa Gregory’s “The Last Tudor.”
Virginia Warneck, Pennsylvania, USA: Fern Michaels’  “Tuesday’s Child.”

Connie Fleming
, New Jersey, USA: Cheryl Hollon’s “Pane and Suffering” & Sherry Harris’ “The Longest Yard Sale.”

Sarah Bewley
, Florida, USA: J.D. Allen’s “19 Souls” & Julia Spencer-Fleming’s “One Was a Solder.”
Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA: Tami Hoag’s “Ashes to Ashes” & Pitticus Lore’s “The Power of Six.”
E. Lawrence, Tennessee, USA: Maddie Day’s “Flipped for Murder.”
Barb Goffman, Virginia, USA: Craig Johnson’s “Depth of Winter.”
Andrea Giglio, New York, USA: M.C. Beaton “The Potted Gardener.”

Pat Sparks, West Virginia, USA: Frederick Backman “Us Against You” and Doug Stanton “Horse Soldiers.”
Kaye Killgore, Oregon, USA: Terri Blackstock “Last Light” and Elin Hilderbrand “The Perfect Couple.”
Kara Vaughn Marks, Michigan, USA: Fiona Barton “The Child” and Paula Hawkins ”Girl on the Train.”
Darryl Fowler, Ohio, USA: Harlan Coben “Don’t Let Go” and Mark Stevens “Melancholy Howl.”
Doris Krueger, New Jersey, USA: Alexander McCall Smith “A Distant View of Everything.”

Bev Wowak, New York, USA: Michael V. Hayden “Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror.”
B. Drummond, Maryland, USA: Lee Hollis “Murder at the PTA,” & Leslie Meier “Invitation Only Murder.”
J. Beeman, Maryland, USA: Annette Dashofy “Circle of Influence,” & Margaret Truman “Murder Inside the Beltway.”
C. Maiorisi, New York City: Alison Weir “Katherine of Aragon.”
E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA: Steve Berry “Malta Exchange,” & Dick/Felix Francis “Even Money.”

Lin Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA: Julie Hyzy “Foreign Eclairs,” & B.A. Paris “Bring Me Back.”
Joan Tunbridge, New Jersey, USA: Nora Roberts “Irish Thoroughbred.”
Jo-Ann Mapson, New Mexico, USA: Fredrik Backman “Us Against You.”
Janet Reynolds, Texas, USA: Theresa Carle-Sanders “Outlander Kitchen” & Debbie Macomber “The Gift of Love.”

Cindy Amelianovich Debbie Macomber “Twelve Days of Christmas”
Mari Barnes Lee Hollis “Death of a Cookbook Author”
Barbara Barnett Preston & Child “Obsidian Chamber”
Jane Block Beeman Louise Penny “Glass Houses”
Mandy Blue Brad Thor “Back Lash”
Gloria Browning David Rosenfelt “Rescued”
Barbara Church Lucy Burdette “Death on the Menu”
Barb Goffman Suzanne Collins “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”
Hallie Gunter Donna VanLiere “The Christmas Star”/”Christmas Light”
Licha Haney Donna Andrews “Terns of Endearment”
Anne Herrington Jessica Fellowes “The Mitford Murders”
Kaye Killgore Eva Gates “Read and Buried”
Cheryl Kinest Leigh Perry “A Skeleton in the Family”
Eileen Lepionka Jack Carr  “True Believer”
Betty Levenson Tess Gerritsen “I Know A Secret”
Sharon Marchisello Jeffery Deaver “The Cutting Edge”
Margaret Nance Robert Crais “Suspect”
Debbie Parker Nicholas Sparks “Every Breath”
Alice Roche Donna VanLiere “Christmas Light”
Beverlee Smith Richard Paul Evans  “The Road Home”
Bev Wowak Joanna Fluke “Christmas Cake Murder”


February: A. Burke, California, USA; B. Fishback, North Carolina, USA.

March: C. Maiorisi, New York City, USA; B. Mason, Connecticut, USA; M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; L. Conway, Ohio, USA.

April: N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; P. Bee, Connecticut, USA; anonymous; C. Maiorisi, NYC, USA; J. Messinger, New York, USA.

May: J. Beeman, Maryland, USA; T. Amon, Florida, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; S. Eller, North Carolina, USA.

June: J. Hinton, Missouri, USA; T. Hann, Ohio, USA; B. Halton, England; B. Showalter, Ohio, USA; G. Miller, Texas, USA.

July: M. Pignalberi, Alaska, USA: Janet Evanovich’s “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen” & Patrick Lee’s “The Breach”;  C. Lawman, Iowa, USA: Michael & Kathleen Gear’s  “Moon Hunt”;  L. McLendon, Alabama, USA: Louise Penny’s “Glass Houses” & Nicholas Sparks’  “The Longest Ride”;  L. Leonard, Kentucky, USA: Louise Penny’s “The Nature of the Beast.”

August: A. Acosta, Brooklyn, USA: Ted Dekker/Tosca Lee “Sovereign”; K. Barnett, Minnesota, USA: Cheryl Hollon’s “Etched in Tears”;  S. English, Michigan, USA:  J.A. Jance  “Duel to the Death”; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA:  Sherry Harris’ “Tagged for Death” & Louise Penny’s “The Nature of the Beast.”

September: J. Kitchel, California, USA:  Dan Brown’s “Origin”; N. West, Texas, USA: Nelson DeMille’s “The Lion” & Danielle Steel’s “The Right Time”; A. Brown, North Carolina, USA:  Maddie Day’s “Strangled Eggs and Ham” & Sheyna Galyan’s “Strength to Stand”; M. Yelton, Minnesota, USA: Adrian McKinty’s  “The Chain”; L. Osika, Illinois, USA: Linda Castillo’s  “Shamed.”

October:  M. Blue, Texas, USA: Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology” & James Patterson’s “Juror #3.”

November:  M. Matte, Canada: Linda Castillo’s “Down a Dark Road” & Parker Palmer’s “On the Brink of Everything”; M. Wurth, Kentucky, USA: Joanne Fluke’s “Christmas Cake Murder”; T. Lee, Georgia, USA: Debbie Macomber’s “If Not for You.”

December: E. Byron, California, USA: Cate Conte’s “Purrder She Wrote”; D. Ivester, Florida, USA: Louise Penny’s “Kingdom of the Blind”; E. Davis, North Carolina, USA: Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper”; M. Conner, Oklahoma, USA: Alice Loweecy’s “Nun but the Brave” & Edith Maxwell’s “Farmed and Dangerous.”


Virginia Park, TX, USA  &  Lorraine Jennings, England

J. Albolino, NJ, USA; T. Amon, Massachusetts, USA
Pat Bee, CT, USA; K. Best, Texas, USA
R. Bressler, FL, USA; D. Christmann, NJ, USA
Barbara Church, NJ, USA; Hope Clark, SC, USA
S. Davis, NJ, USA; DJ Febry, England
N. Fischer, NC, USA; C. Fleming, NJ, USA
C. Frankenberry, WA, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA
Ann Galante, NJ, USA; T. Gault, TX, USA
Sue Harrison, Michigan, USA; T. Honea, SC, USA
L. Lapin, NJ, USA; J. Lewis, Florida, USA
M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; J. Mapson, New Mexico, USA
E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA; Ed Melvin, TX, USA
M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; M. Nance, NC, USA
N. Peacock, NC, USA; M. Pignalberi, Alaska
M. Phillips, NC, USA; J. Reynolds, TX, USA
DB Schlosser, WA, USA; K. Schmelz, NJ, USA
M. Selser, Florida, USA; Susan Sitze, NC, USA
Capri Smith, Virginia, USA; Sandra Smith, England
C. St-Pierre, Canada; Joan Tunbridge, NJ, USA
A. Tyszka, NJ, USA; W. Washington, NC, USA
R. Weston, Idaho, USA; K. Wharton Rosenberger, Texas, USA

Peggy Alford, USA; Stacy Allen, Georgia, USA
Paige Bennett, Maryland, USA; S. Bewley, FL, USA
Roz Bressler, Florida, USA; A.C. Burke, California, USA
B. Callender, TX, USA; R. Cambell, England
B. Church, NJ, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA
T. DeLuca, NC, USA; Nora-Adrienne Deret, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Kerry Goold, North Carolina, USA; B. Gribble, TX, USA
Anne Herrington, Texas, USA; Linda Johnson, North Carolina, USA
J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; Kaye Killgore, Oregon, USA
Diane Kopec, North Carolina, USA; D. Krueger, NJ, USA
C. McKee, Texas, USA; Nik Morton, Spain
Liz Mugavero, Connecticut, USA; V. Park, TX, USA
C. Price, PA, USA; Barbara Rosario, NJ, USA
J. Shrensky, Israel; N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA
P. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; K. Taylor, Slovakia
John W. Tucker, Colorado, USA; Jenny Turner, Texas, USA
K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; Lynn Chandler Willis, North Carolina, USA
J. Whatley, Texas, USA; N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA 


K. Bailey, Virginia, USA;  K. Best, Oklahoma, USA
L. Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA;  D. Christmann, New Jersey, USA
C. Hope Clark, South Carolina, USA;  A. B. Cole, Indiana, USA
K. Coggins, South Carolina, USA;  S. Davis, New Jersey, USA
T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA;  D. Febry, England
J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA;  S. Furlong, Illinois, USA
J. Hazen, New Jersey, USA;  S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA
T. Honea, South Carolina, USA;  L. Jennings, England
C. Johnson, Texas, USA;  E. Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA
J. Midler, California, USA;  M. Nance, North Carolina, USA
R. Neely, Pennsylvania, USA; B. Patterson, North Carolina, USA
M. Pignalberi, Alaska;  J. Risdon, England
C. Sample, California, USA;  K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA
S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA;  B. Slack, New Jersey, USA
B. Stewart, Scotland;  C. St-Pierre, Canada
E. Trupkiewicz, Colorado, USA;  A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA
K. Waller, Texas, USA;  J. Walters, New York, USA
B. Wowak, New York, USA

J. Albolino, New Jersey, USA; S. Allen, Georgia, USA
T. Amon, Florida, USA; P. Bee, Connecticut, USA
A. Burke, California, USA; R. Cambell, England
K. Chandler, Tennessee, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA
O. Ellis, Florida, USA; C. Frankenberry, Washington, USA
R. Furstein, Georgia, USA; K. Goold, North Carolina, USA
B. Halton, England; P. Hamilton, Texas, USA
B. Hedges-Slack, New Jersey, USA; J. Keil, North Carolina, USA
R. Keith, Ohio, USA; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA
L. Lapin, New Jersey, USA; R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USA
M. Lilley, Indiana, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA
S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; D. Parker, Texas, USA
M. Pettit, Florida, USA; J. Risdon, England
KT Roberts, Arizona, USA; B. Rosario, New Jersey, USA
J. Skutelsky, California, USA; C. Sloan, South Carolina, USA
B. Smith, Arizona, USA; C. Smith, Virginia, USA
J. Sheluk, Canada; N. Sparks, West Virginia, USA
J. Tunbridge, New Jersey, USA; K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA
W. Washington, North Carolina, USA; N. G. West, Texas, USA

M. Barnes, Indiana, USA; S. Bewley, Florida, USA;
R. Bressler, Florida, USA; A. Brown, North Carolina, USA;
L. Casteel-Butler, Oregon, USA; N. Deret, New York, USA;
B. Drummond, Maryland, USA; N. Fischer, North Carolina, USA;
C. Fleming, New Jersey, USA; D. Fowler, Ohio, USA;
A. Galante, New Jersey, USA; B. Goffman, Virginia, USA;
C. Gordon-Bishop, Pennsylvania, USA; B. Gribble, Texas, USA;
S. Harrison, Michigan, USA; J. T. Henson, Texas, USA;
A. Herrington, Texas, USA; L. Johnson, North Carolina, USA;
K. Killgore, Oregon, USA; D. Krueger, New Jersey, USA;
J. Mapson, New Mexico, USA;. E. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA;
N. Morton, Spain; L. Mugavero, Connecticut, USA;
R. Neely, Pennsylvania, USA; L. Ockinga, Arizona, USA;
V. Park, Texas, USA; Cate Price, USA;
J. Reynolds, Texas, USA; K. Wharton Rosenberger, Texas, USA;
N. Vannucci, Texas, USA; K. Waller, Texas, USA;
J. Ward, Illinois, USA; J. & L. A. Whatley, Texas, USA;
L. C. Willis, North Carolina, USA; N. Wyatt, New Mexico, USA;



January: J. Keil, North Carolina, USA; W. Washington, North Carolina, USA; B. Church, New Jersey, USA; C. St-Pierre, Ontario, Canada; D. Kopec, North Carolina, USA; P. Sparks, West Virginia, USA; R. Furstein, Georgia, USA; R. Coxon, Ohio, USA.

February: R. Lebovitz, Tennessee, USA; R. Keith; Tom Honea, South Carolina, USA.

March: C. Johnson, Texas, USA; B. Wowak, New York, USA; S. Hemsher, Arizona, USA; B. Stewart, Scotland.

April: J. Frederick, Wisconsin, USA.

May: J. Hazen, Florida, USA;  R. Patterson, North Carolina, USA.

June: S. Davis, New Jersey, USA; D. Christmann, New Jersey, USA; S. Sitze, North Carolina, USA.

July: A. Tyszka, New Jersey, USA; T. DeLuca, North Carolina, USA; J. Shrensky, Israel.

August: J. Lewis, Florida, USA; Kate Moretti, Pennsylvania, USA; Susan Furlong, Illinois, USA.

September: K. Schmelz, New Jersey, USA; Edith Maxwell, Massachusetts, USA.

October: H. Clark, South Carolina, USA; L. Jennings, England; B. Smith, Arizona, USA.

November: S. Nickels, Tennessee, USA; G. Dellin, Oklahoma, USA; P. Hamilton, Texas, USAJ. Skutelsky, California, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA; O. Ellis, Florida, USA.

December: C. Smith, Virginia, USA; K. Wagoner, New Mexico, USA; J. Ranuio, Oregon, USA; M. Melvin, Oklahoma, USA; T. Gault, Texas, USA; D. Parker, Texas, USA; L. Chavis, Mississippi, USA; J. Risdon, England; J. Skipworth, Texas, USA; B. Slack, New Jersey, USA; C. Kinest, Arizona, USA; K. Marks, Michigan, USA; A. Roche, Pennsylvania, USA.






















































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