“The Main Corpse” by Diane Mott Davidson


Book Cover - The Main Corpse

Goldy Schulz’s catering business is short of cash in “The Main Corpse,” so when a lucrative gig comes along, she is more than happy to serve up her tastiest dishes, despite the fact that the event will be held at a mining site. Yup, you read that correctly. Well, not inside the mine – in a tent outside the entrance, but still. When was the last time you attended a catered event at a mine? With that unusual setting for the party that will pull Goldy out of near catering oblivion, we wonder…what will go wrong first?   😉


The company backing the re-opening of the Eurydice Gold Mine has lots of wealthy investors. Goldy is eager to showcase the food, and maybe get a few new clients, but when the party goes south – yelling, insults, hail, rain, and mud – she doubts that anybody will remember how good the menu was. Her best friend, Marla, is a primary investor and makes accusations about the veracity of the mine, and becomes a prime suspect when missing persons, multiple murders, and more mayhem enter the story.


There are complications galore, an assistant that accidentally does the right thing every once in a while, characters slithery enough to join ranks of the reptile kingdom, as well as a great relationship between Goldy and her cop husband, Tom, in the “The Main Corpse.” We learn about the ins and outs of the catering business, the last minute catastrophes that can and do spell disaster for an event, and what a talented cook does to avert those disasters. Mix in the yummy looking recipes scattered throughout the book, and you can see why this series is 17 books strong.


The catering business can be murder. At least that is what many of the foodie cozies lead us to believe. But if you are a foodie as well as a mystery lover, they can deliver a smorgasbord of wicked fun. “The Main Corpse” is indeed a delicious addition to the genre.


“The Main Corpse” is the sixth book in Diane Mott Davidson's Culinary Mystery series starring Goldy Schulz. Please visit http://dianemottdavidsonbooklist.com/  to see the rest of the list as well as the other books Davidson has written.



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