“Smash Cut” by Sandra Brown

Book cover - Smash Cut


The CEO of a large corporation, Paul Wheeler, is murdered in front of his weekly companion, in a crowded upscale hotel elevator. Who was behind it? And why? The man was a mega millionaire, but is cash the motive? Julie Rutledge, Wheeler’s escort at the time of the shooting, is positive that Wheeler’s nephew was behind it, but nobody believes it possible, since Creighton has money of his own and is more interested in watching movies than anything else in life. Brown gives us one surprise after another as the inner workings of the Wheeler family are revealed.


Derek Mitchell, a successful defense attorney, is manipulated into becoming part of the case. While the reason for the setup is a bit far-fetched, it does insure that romantic tension drives his never dull relationship with Rutledge.


In Brown’s books, the good guys and gals are complex, affluent people – many of whom have achieved greatness despite poor beginnings. They are willing to bend a few rules to correct whatever wrongs are being perpetrated. In “Smash Cut,” quirky side characters live average lives and include hard-working detectives who can’t give up cigarettes as well as secretaries who look out for their friends.


Brown’s bad guys have layers of evil. In “Smash Cut,” the villain is arrogant, but marginally pleasant when he needs to be in order to achieve his goals. His sociopathic behavior becomes more evident as the book reveals the depth to which his life is based on movies. He has no idea (or doesn’t care) how far removed he is from societal norms. As all good protagonists must, Mitchell and Rutledge match wits with him in order to prove his guilt, but do so through their knowledge of favorite movie plots.


A quick read, “Smash Cut” has a surprising, satisfying ending, something Brown’s fans have become used to over the years. This book could easily be translated to a ‘movie-of-the-week,’ providing fun for a couple of hours, needing no more investment from us than that. Brown has written more than 80 books, over 50 of which have been bestsellers. In this outing she has included a ‘Mile-High Club' scene and adult themes. She knows her audience.


For more information about Sandra Brown and her enormously successful books and career, visit www.sandrabrown.com




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